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Monday 9 November 2020

How Technology Has a Negative Effect on The Learning?

Negative Effect of Technology
Modern technology has made life easy for everyone; it is now more fun as well as functional, and we can do so much more today with the help of the internet as compared to the past. We can communicate with a loved one even at a great distance, seek large amounts of information within a span of a few seconds and do all our shopping online, without getting up from the couch. Modern technology has given us so much, from finding new business ideas to getting everything done in seconds but, all these benefits have only ended up making us lazy and lethargic, and it has affected the learning process.

Technology has benefited education immensely, but at the same time, it has given students reasons to find answers to everything with the help of the internet, affecting their ability to work hard and remain motivated. This article by assignment writing services discusses some of the ways how technology has affected the students’ lives as well as learning and how it is taking them away from normal life.

Poor Social Skills:
Too much use of technology is likely to result in poor social skills; the main reason behind it is that students using technology prefer to work in isolation while the meetings are held on skype and zoom, or they chat in messenger rather than calling up people or meeting them in person. While the technology appears to be creating a global network by bringing people together, it is creating distance, and the social bond is being replaced with shallow friendships on social networks and, we do not even know so many of these people. When real-life interactions are replaced with online communication, it results in poor social skills, and students forget how to behave with people, read their tone of voice, facial expression, body language, and direct working.

Bad Academic Performance:
Too much use of technology can lead to bad academic performance, even if it is being used for learning. There is no doubt about it that the internet has become a great tool for learning, and students can check out anything online and access all types of information rather than sitting in the library or going out to attending a course. However, online learning does not guarantee the quality of education as the students are away from the teacher or the classroom environment, which can be pretty distracting at times. Students sometimes end up overusing technology, which leads to bad academic performance even though they are attending all the classes. Advancement of technology has made plagiarism and cheating, while critical thinking and analysis have declined. Instead of using technology for gaining knowledge, students are using it for entertainment and gaming that can be very harmful to them in the long run.

Poor Physical Health:
The worst effect that results from excessive use of technology is obesity and bad physical health that can lead to health issues in the long run if proper measures are not taken. Busy in work or gaming, students sit in front of their laptops or computers for hours, eating and then going to sleep, with no time for physical exercise. The more they sit in front of their computers, the lesser is the blood circulation in their body, not to forget pain in the next and head due to lack of muscle movement. Too much use of everything is bad, and constant staring at the screen can lead to poor eyesight as well as many other problems such as bad posture and curved backbone. Loud music is bad for ears, and the use of a mouse can also lead to numbness in the arm or pain in tendons. Students do not realize these physical problems initially, but with time, they begin to complain about various issues that affect the learning process and keep them away from studies.

Deteriorating Mental Health:
Technology can affect learning negatively by affecting mental health. Students often sacrifice their sleep and rest just because they are having a good time playing games or talking to friends, and this is not good. Due to the excessive use of technology, students do not good quality sleep. The sleep chemical melatonin is influenced by the constant glow of the screen and this interferes with sleep patterns and general wellbeing. This can lead to bad mental health such as loss of concentration, inability to understand what the teacher is saying or how to work on assignments and how to stay alert during the class, and even stress when the students are unable to achieve their goals and do everything the way they want. It is up to the teachers and parents to take notice of how negatively technology is affecting learning and help students do better, and motivate them to work hard.

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