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Tuesday 31 August 2021

Importance of Topic Sentences in Academic Writing

Importance of Topic Sentences
Academic writing always seems incomplete if the topic sentence is missing because it demonstrates the essence of the paragraph. The topic sentence always covers the whole theme of the essay and makes it convenient for the reader to anticipate the entire writing. In addition, the idea facilitates the reader by making points clear to them. Also, the topic sentence is quite significant in predicting the whole paper. Its use not only organises the topic but also provides a brief understanding.

What Is The Topic Sentence In Writing?

According to experts of assignment writing services, a topic sentence is the most significant element in academic writing as it incorporates the mini summary regarding the essay. Moreover, the topic sentence mostly comes in the first sentence of paragraphs and outlines the idea of that particular paragraph. The topic sentence in academic writing assists the reader regarding the whole paragraph they are writing. The core objective of the topic sentence is to emphasise the aim of the paragraph to grab the reader's attention. If the topic sentence is not present in the academic writing paragraph, it will give a vague and broad impression.

The topic sentence could be a summarised form of the paragraph where the writer has a proper idea. Suppose you look at any well-written academic document. In that case, you will notice that every paragraph has at least one sentence that demonstrates the crux of the paragraph. This line is basically the topic sentence of the section that portrays what exactly the researcher is going to cover/discuss in that paragraph. And how the incorporated information of this paragraph is different from other sections.

Examples Of Topic Sentences In Paragraphs:

A topic sentence is entitled to connect the paragraph with the thesis statement of the writing. This shows that the information provided in the topic sentence must relate to the essay's thesis statement to make it credible academic writing. However, the topic sentence must be directed towards the main idea to make it more effective and attractive. Otherwise, the reader gets distracted if the topic sentence and controlling theme are unrelated. Let's take some practical examples to highlight the importance of the topic sentence in the paragraphs.

Example 1: "reasons for Global warming".
Topic sentence: our topic sentence can be "There are several reasons for global warming, including carbon footprints".

Example 2: "animal hunting should be banned"
Topic sentence: "There are numerous concerns that depict animal hunting should be banned, including extinct breeds."

The example clearly shows how the topic sentence directly relates to the subject, along with a hint of what the whole paragraph will incorporate. Both examples clearly state how the subject and topic sentence is initiating a detailed section. The topic sentence does not overlap with the subject, as the sole aim of the topic sentence is to provide the supporting details to the paragraph.

How To Write A Topic Sentence For A Body Paragraph:

The thesis statement in academic writing always directs body paragraphs. They contain all the detailed and relevant information regarding the subject. The body sentences mostly incorporate evidence and logical reasons to validate the point of thesis statements. However, the body paragraphs need a topic sentence to make them more effective for the reader. Also, academic writing experts assert the use of topic sentences in the body because it tells the reader about the context of the paragraph.

Moreover, it is significant to make sure that the topic sentence fully supports your subject's idea rather than putting irrelevant information. You can incorporate the topic sentence in the body paragraphs by adding them at the beginning. In the beginning, the influence is high on the reader. Make sure that the topic sentence for your body paragraph is interesting enough that it instantly grabs the reader's attention. However, you may write the topic sentence in the middle of a body paragraph. Still, it is not considered a good practice.

Why Is A Topic Sentence Important In A Paragraph:

Topic sentence has enough influence over the reader that they can rapidly decide whether the paragraph is worthy enough to read or not. The topic sentence holds significant importance in academic writing as the whole paragraph relies on it because the reader anticipates the paragraph from the initial lines. If they felt that it contain pertinent information, then they further read it. It is essential because it clears the purpose of the study, making things clear for the reader. Moreover, the paragraph would seem unstructured and vague without a topic sentence depicting it as scattered writing.

The topic sentence links the topic with thorough and logical details. Also, the idea becomes more evident when the topic sentence is present in the paragraph. Another major concern while formulating the topic sentence is where to place the topic sentence? However, the most optimum approach for the body paragraphs is to place the topic sentence at the beginning of the paragraph. The topic sentence at the beginning makes it convenient for the reader to anticipate the section while skimming.

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What Is The Importance Of The Topic Sentence?

Topic sentence in academic writing reinforces the objective of the topic/paragraphs by continuously highlighting the main sub-ideas. The topic sentence usually functions in two ways: Firstly, it highlights the thesis statement of the writing, and secondly, it carries the thesis statement forwards to the next point to develop an arguable statement. Moreover, it assists the reader by focusing on the objective of writing so that effective academic writing can be formulated. The topic sentence clarifies the topic for the reader and saves the writer from being distracted by preventing irrelevant information.

Moreover, the topic sentence is quite helpful in organising the pattern for the writing so that a clear and concise document can be formulated that saves the reader's time. Also, it gives the reader a clear structure, which makes the reading and perceiving process simpler and more accessible for the reader. Unfortunately, many people neglect the topic sentence while doing academic writing. This leaves an ambiguity and a hindrance in the reader's mind that the paragraph is repeating the information.

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