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Saturday 23 November 2019

Instagram Stories And Live Videos: How Students Are Getting Involved And Using It?

An American based photo sharing and video sharing social media site are known as Instagram. It was created by Kevin Systrom and it was launched in October 2010. Nowadays, this essential social media site is available in 32 different languages. The Alexa Rank of this website is 28 in all around the world. There are lots of features of this social media site but Instagram stories and live videos are the most essential and famous features among the students.

Here, we will discuss how students are getting involved in these essential features of this social media site and how they are using Instagram. 

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories feature is becoming the most essential feature for Instagram users. Its reason is that most of the brands are boarding on the Instagram stories. It is expected that more than half a billion people use Instagram stories on a daily basis. Here, we will discuss how students are getting involved and using this essential feature of Instagram. 

1) Watching and navigating the Instagram stories

After signing into Instagram, most of the students click on the Home tab. In the Home tab, they show notifications of the stories of their followings. They can easily show the full stories of their just by clicking on their profiles photos. After watching and navigating all the Instagram stories, they click on the exit button and they try to go back to the home feed. 

2) Recording their own Instagram stories

Along with watching and navigating the stories of their followings, they are also interested in sharing their own stories. For this reason, they simply click on the ‘Start Recording Your Story” from the home feed. After swiping to the right, the camera will open. They can easily take their photos or they can also select the photo from their gallery. After that, they click on the share button. In this way, their story is available to their followers. 

3) Downloading the Instagram stories

After watching the stories, if a student finds it interesting for him, he can also download that story. Moreover, after sharing his story directly from the camera, they can also download it. 

4) Customizing the Instagram stories

Most of the students set himself just like a brand on Instagram. Therefore, before sharing their stories on Instagram, they also try to customize these stories. This customization allows them to get Instagram attention of more and more viewers towards their stories. 

5) Viewing the Instagram stories analytics

After sharing their stories, students also try to get an idea about the performance of their stories. They can easily get an idea about the performance of their stories from the home feed. This will provide you with an idea of how many people have seen your story and how many people have shown engagement in your story. 

Instagram Live Videos

Instagram live videos feature is also an essential feature for Instgram users. With the help of this feature, users are allowed to record a video of almost one hour for their followers. After sharing the live video, it will disappear from your profile after 24 hours. Students are using this essential feature in the following ways;

1) First of all, students are using this essential feature by showing transparency to their followers. For this reason, they try to share what they have recently seen.

2) Students are also creating a sense of urgency for their followers. Its reason is that your followers are interested in your posts and live videos. As they know that your video will disappear after 24 hours, therefore, they are trying to see your video as soon as possible.

3) Students also try to track their performance with the help of this essential feature. Its reason is that live video will provide you with an idea of how many people are enjoying live streaming on your posts and how many people are analyzing your live videos.

4) In order to engage more and more followers in live streaming, students are also promoting their live sessions beforehand. For this reason, they write a post about live streaming and they share this post with their followers. 

5) There are also some students who are stick to a schedule regarding the sharing of the live videos. By sticking to a specific schedule, it is also possible for them to engage more and more viewers. 

6) Before starting the live streaming session, students also try to get an idea about the purpose of live streaming and they also think about how to deliver value to the viewers. 

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