Explain the Distinction between the Crimes of Burglary and Robbery -Assignment Sample

Before explaining the distinction between the crimes of burglary and robbery, I would like to explain what crime is and how people are effecting from it. Actually, crime means an action that is totally against law and that can be happened by the use of strength and authority. However, any crime has a very negative effect on society. The common kinds of crimes are Corruption, Terrorism, Burglary and Robbery. Here, the professional writers of essay writing services will highlight the distinction between the crimes of burglary and robbery.

The Distinction Between the Crimes of Burglary and Robbery 

Basically, burglary and robbery is the sort of thief. In common definition, robbery is the type of crime in which the victim is present and they harm them in front of them by the misuse of power and authority. On the other hand, burglary is the type of crime in which the victim is not present and the victim will lose his or her possessions.

What is Burglary?

According to the definition of Law, burglary is a term of crime in which a thief enters into the house and commits a crime. It is important that crime is happening in the day or night; however, the important thing is that the owner loses his or her property.

When a person steals the possession of any other person without his or her permission then we can call it a burglary. In this sort of crime, power and authority do not play an important role, because, a weak person can steal the things of any other person without his or her knowledge.  A burglar is able to enter in your house unlawfully by physical force and by a constructive weapon. The main intention of the burglar is to get your worth able things.

The common sorts of burglary are given below that you should keep in mind in order to understand it easily and clearly:
  • Illegal entry into your house and office
  • A building, simple words home or business
  • With the intention to steal felony

What is Robbery?

Robbery is a very harmful and horrible sort of crime. This is a dreadful crime in which most people lost their lives. It can harm people physically and it can become the cause of any person’s death.  According to the law “Robbery is taking something of value directly from someone by utilizing intimidation, force or threat”. For example, if a person enters into someone’s house or attempts to enter into house in front of people by the misusing of power and authority, it becomes a robbery.  Robbery can be also called a property crime. A person can steal your mobiles, money, electronics, vehicles, and jewelry. Some common sorts of robbery are given below for your facilitation in order to well understand it.

  • Stealing or taking money and property
  • In front of people without hidden purpose
  • Without legal permission
  • With the intent to get property permanently
  • By the misuse of power and authority as well as intimidation
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